2022 Jan 16 – Fishing Port Phillip Bay

This adventure started early morning from Werribee and the challenge was to get some squid at Prince George and go to the Rip try to catch King fish.Me, JJ and Brett Denis got to Prince George around 7am, and we managed few squid but it was a bit slow. So, we moved to...

2022 Jan 6th – Fishing Portland

This was one great adventure in Portland with Mima and Ovi! We got there on the 6th of Jan and the sky was a bit like from Horror movies. In no time we had big rain coming down but it only lasted for few minutes. The very next morning we left early, headed towards...

TV Episode 013 – Snapper at Portarlington

This episode is dedicated to Portarlington Old Chanel where we chase snapper early November. It contains 3 adventures that are only few days apart so you can compare them and see how the fish acts differently in different days​ Enjoy https://youtu.be/JDAen-d-bt4

TV Episode 012 – How We Catch Slimy Mackerel

This episode is all about slimy mackerel. This is definitely nr1 bait when it comes to predator fish, but saying that, some people absolutely love eating slimy's. Enjoy​ https://youtu.be/AaY6PMy6kE8

TV Episode 011 – Shallow Inlet Adventures

Episode 11 is all about shallow inlet. This adventure was just amazing. There is a little presentation of Squeaky Beach as well! Enjoy! Enjoy https://youtu.be/l5xnhixdDYM
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2021 Dec 21 Fishing Spoil Grounds

2021 Dec 21 Fishing Spoil Grounds

The fish is still going strong.We left 5am this morning and headed for Spoil ground. As we got there in 30min we had 6 fish and then it stopped completely.Than we sound around deeper towards Portarlington and managed few more.The fish is average size with biggest just...

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T-shirt’s Now Available

T-shirt’s Now Available

We never expected this TV Show to grow so fast!We covered few questions and demands as best we could!We made it educational and family focused!One of demands was "merchandise". We promised that it will be available before Xmas, so here it is!Enjoy!...

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Tonight 13th November at 6.30pm on C31 (44)

Tonight 13th November at 6.30pm on C31 (44)

Tonight's Happy Fisherman Adventure Episode 11 is all about Shallow Inlet. Shallow Inlet is a marine inlet, opening onto Waratah Bay and it is also a hotspot for fishing, with salmon, trevally, large flathead, and King George Whiting being the catch of the day. There...

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How To...

How To – Use a Safety Flare

How To – Use a Safety Flare

Just a quick safety presentation that we filmed "on iphone only" of how to use a flare. There where few people around so the sound captured by iphone was not that good, but i believe it will benefit quiet few people that never handled one of those sticks. Cheers

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