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How To – Use a Safety Flare

How To – Use a Safety Flare

Just a quick safety presentation that we filmed "on iphone only" of how to use a flare. There where few people around so the sound captured by iphone was not that good, but i believe it will benefit quiet few people that never handled one of those sticks. Cheers

How To Clean Gurnard

How To Clean Gurnard

Gurnard can be quiet dangerous. The spikes are very venomous and very very painful if you get stubbed. This is a quic video how to avoid them and clean the Gurnard.

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Fishing Portalington May 21st 2017

Fishing Portalington May 21st 2017 two snapper’s at the same time – well one got away!

2016 Dec Altona - with family Popovic

Snapper on fire 2016 December with our close friends

Clifton Springs - September 2017 - Squid

Catching Squid at Clifton Springs – September 2017

2018 March - Dolphins feeding in Port Phillip Bay

Dolphins just of St Leonards feeding on slimmy mackerel

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