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TV Episode 18 – Ending the 2021 with some Slimy Mackerel and great Snapper

This is the adventures from 29th, 30th and 31 st of December 2021. KGW first and then nice snapper Enjoy

TV Episode 17 – Catching King George Witing St Leonards

Another video of catching king george witing at St Leonards with some friends

Tonight’s Episode is all about catching Garfish

Just heads up - this Saturday happy fisherman adventures tv episode 6.30pm on c31 is all about Garfish. It is filmed just a week a go at Mt Martha and I did my best to show what we used and how we managed to catch our limit pretty quickly. Hopefully helps

Tonight’s Episode 25 Is adventure chasing Mako Sharks

Tonight's Episode 25 of Happy Fisherman Adventures on C31 (ch44) at 6.30pm is all about our adventure of Port Fairy Chasing Mako Sharks. Cheers

TV Episode 16 – Catching trout at Mt Buffalo part 2

Our 16th Episode it's part two of catching trout in the Victoria's High Country. Enjoy this amazing Victoria's High Country! At the end of this episode are some highlight from our past adventures.

TV Episode 15 – Catching trout at Mt Buffalo part 1

Our 15th Episode is all about catching trout in the Victoria's High Country. Everything is happening at Mt Buffalo and all we can say is that we are lucky to have this at our door steps!

2022 February 7th – Big snapper at Portarlington

A quick video of my adventure with Steve Van at Portarlington old channel. We where getting small pinky's and then a monster snapper - - very nice surprise. https://youtu.be/dJg7CKhNdrc

TV Episode 014 – Salmon and snapper in November 2021

Our 14th Episode is all about last week in November 2021. There is quiet a bit of snapper in the bay at this time so this adventure is about the snapper and some salmon. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/Gws0M6dKg5M

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