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2021 Jan 22nd – fishing at Portland

Not Port Phillip Bay but a nice weekend in Portland. We arrived on Thursday night and Friday morning already we where chasing tuna. It was a bunch of us and three boats. We started trolling above Minerva Reef in 12m of water and Will Gafa's dad - 80year old man - was...

2020 Nov 14 Fishing Portland – Big Gummy Shark

Portland. Saturday I had a work meeting to attend in Portland so I could not help my self and took my boat along. We started fishing 4km straight out from harbour in 20m of water and after many barber perch, undersized pinky’s around 8am we managed a gummy that was...

2020 June 27 – watch how much fun kids have catching Tuna

Watch Brett Reed with the crew catching tuna this weekend. It is amazing how much fun kids can have fishing and not playing XBOX!

2020 June 27 Happy Fisherman Chasing Tuna

A quick call from my friend Brett on Friday night was enough for me and Jerry to get up at 3am, drive for 3 hours towards Portland and try to catch some Tuna. There is lots of tuna at the moment from Apollo Bay all the way to Portland and beyond. We where on the water...

2020 Feb 17th fishing – Lorne Pier

Lorne pier - big king George whiting. I was not able to post lately as I had a deadline for editing “Postcards” magazine. All done - published and printed. Now I have to wait till Wednesday to get my boat back as I had to replace the hydraulic tilt. In meantime, I...

2020 Feb 5th – Fishing Apollo Bay

Take a shot! Me, Adrian and his son AJ, took of to Apollo Bay to scan around for some Tuna. We did a run all the way to Airley's Inlet, scanned around the Fad's, seen many charters and other boats, but we seen no action. Six hours later on the way back we made a stop...

2019 Oct 24th Barwon Heads

Sometimes is to windy to be on the boat, so surf fishing will do! 🙂

Quick look at Lorne Boat Ramp

This video should give you an idea how difficult is to launch your boat at Lorne.

Video – Fishing Lorne Pier – July 3rd 2019

A short video of the day at Lorne Pier

2019 July 3rd – fishing Lorne pier

Not a PPB but a preparation for tomorrow’s gummy session at mud island. We left 7am this morning to chase some salmon for bait. Destination- Lorne. As we approached the rocks, just before you enter Lorne, disappointment- water was way to high, breaks, and still 2hours...

2019 June 7th Portland

Quick update on Portland - If you think you are doing something wrong if you not hooking up any Tuna - "you don't"! We were there friday and saturday, trolling cape bridgewater 50m, 70m, 80m up and down. Lots of bird activities, dolphins and million of seals. Lots of...

2019 May 18th Portland – Day “2” Video

A quick Video on our day "2" in Portland chasing tuna!

Quick Video Of – Portland – Day One

Fishing Portland with Friends. We got no Tuna, but we had lots of fun! Quick preview of day one.

2019 17th May – Fishing in Portland

 A quick run whats going on in Portland. We fished the waters on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A friend, Will, came along with his crew for the first time and of we go to Horse Shoe and continental shelf. Friday got really choppy out there, white caps everywhere, so...

2019 April 11th fishing at Portland

We left Tuesday morning for Portland so we can fish Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday we had of past Lawrence rock towards the Cape Bridgewater but after one hour we decided we are going back as the swells where way to big. We went close to Lee Brakewater and managed...

2019 Jan 10th – Happy Fisherman At Apollo Bay

Just a quick report around state. Yesterday we left PointCook at 3 am straight for Apollo bay. By 7am we where at 30m depth in front of Ottaway light house. Bit rough tide on the Ovi’s 5.8TAB, but nothing to worry about. As we got there we started - 2 gummy’s, few...

2019 Jan 6th – Happy Fisherman at Loch Sport

We waited for a new moon faze and of we went. Straight to Loch Sport on Gippsland Lakes. We got there around 6pm so we had few hours to kill on the surf. We managed few nice flattys and a 2kg salmo. As the dark approched, we went straight to Wilson Point. Pich dark,...

2018 april 21st – Portland

Quick Something out of ppb. Portland. We fished yesterday early morning. Fished the 70-100m but no tuna. Took of at the kinks point in500m and manage 10 albacore still no tuna. We did hit the shelf, seen some whales, but again no tuna. Abou 5pm we where at...

2018 april 1st Lakes Entrance

Just for a change - holiday in Lakes Entrance lots of active fishing. First day just past Kalimna inside the lake lots of tailor and few salmon. All on soft plastic. Tailor not they big 25cm-32cm. Today over the bar and straight out for 8-9 km....

Tootgarook Boat Ramp

A quick look at Tootgarook Boat Ramp

Quick look at Lorne Boat Ramp

This video should give you an idea how difficult is to launch your boat at Lorne.

Rye Boat Ramp

Adding to our web collection is Rye Boat ramp. The video below is for educational and safety reason, i hope it gives people an idea what to expect if they never been there. Cheers

2019 March 16th – Bermagui

Not a PPB report today but hopefully it will help some of the people in the group that never have been to Bermagui. I just been there this weekend for a funeral and i quick did a fly over harbour so hopefully you get the feeling what to expect when you launch your...

Episode 9 tonight on C31 – all about Snapper

Tonight Episode 9 on CH31(44) at 6.30 is all about Snapper. I try to answer many questions, and there is lots of video footage of adventures with my friends! Enjoy

TV Episode 006 – Portland – Australia Day Weekend

Our sixth TV episode. All about Portland on Australia Day Weekend. I had my to boys Dorian and Jordan with me, and they managed to land they first tuna. Plus, lots of other species to catch just in a few kilometers of Lee Breakwall. Enjoy

TV Episode 005 – Snapper at the Wreck and introduction to RIP

Our Fifth TV episode. All about late snapper at the Wreck and a bit of introduction to the "RIP" (Port Phillip Bay Heads) Enjoy

TV Episode 004 – KGW at St Leonards

Our Fourth TV episode. All about KGW at St Leonards. Filmed March 2021 Enjoy

TV Episode 003 – Happy Fisherman Fishing Mud Island – Gummy Sharks

Our Third TV episode. All about Mud Island and catching Gummy Sharks Enjoy

TV Episode 002 – Happy Fisherman Fishing Portland – May 2021

Our second TV episode. All about Portland. Catching tuna and quick info about the area. This place is just magic Enjoy

TV Episode 001 – Happy Fisherman Fishing St Leonards

Our first TV episode. All about St Leonards catching King George Whiting! Lots of underwater footage and a full preview how we film underwater. Enjoy

Happy Fisherman Adventures on Ch31

Official! As from Saturday 28th August 2021 - the Happy Fisherman Adventures is live on TV! Ch31 6.30pm Enjoy

Video Intro for TV Show

A quick intro to Happy Fisherman Adventure TV Show that will go live on air in few months

Fishing With Brett Reeds

Another catch up story! This time it was 16th of March and i had a special friend on my boat. It was Brett Reeds aka Reedy's Rigs.I have to say that in my fishing career I'm the tackle junkie. Not in a bad sense. I love exploring when i fish, and i don't just explore...

2021 April 30th – Fishing with Julian

Another successful trip with my friend Julian Mardale. We went from Werribee to St Leonards and made an advanture by visiting the seals at white lady and then catching lots of fish at St Leonards [dnxte_masonary gallery_ids="8608,8615,8616,8617,8618,8619,8620"...

2021 April 29 – Fishing with Tass and Phill

Again pilchard with Squid cocktail was the go and both running rig and paternoster where very successful. Yesterday - Thursday - I left from Werribee around 10.30am to St Leonards with my friends Phill Hodgkinson and Tass Nidis. Because I wanted to fish the start of...

2021 April 27th – with Michael Popovic

There is no much to say. Beautiful day with a beautiful friend at beautiful St Leonards. Michael aka Mediterraneo restaurant / Chevapi Grill Melbourne, took a day of to spend some time on the water. As usuall St Leonards did not disapoint and m=we managed quiet few...

2021 April 25th – Fishing St Leonards with old man JJ

Sunday - St Leonards 6m - from 12-2.30pm I was fishing with old man JJ and Jerry. We had a slow start, but pretty quick turned to be a great fishing session. We bagged out in less then 2 hours. Old Man JJ was with us and, after quiet few months not being on the water,...

2021 April 24 – fishing St Leonards

Yesterday it was a hard work at StLeonards - 6m depth straight in front of the ramp. We got there around 2.30pm and the tide was running out. The wind was STH/W so we where facing city. As you cast, 30sec later the bait was under the boat and going backwards. On top...

2021 April 18 – fishing St Leonards

Catch Up Yesterday (Saturday) session at St Leonards was simply "DeJaVu". Around 1.30pm we stopped at Prince George and managed dozen squid very quick. Some small some very big. Best jig this time was the PPB standard White saphire T14. Then, By 2.30 pm we where at St...

2021 April 8th – fishing St Leonards with Lindsay Field

Thursday I had my dear friend Lindsay Field from Farnham’s band and this time we where fishing not playing music. We had great time catching KGWS, yakkas and garfish. This time we only got dozen Kgw but we end up with lots of garfish and tons of yakkas. Kgw took...

2021 April 2nd – fishing St Leonards

Friday 2nd April -So much life underwater at St Leonards it is incredible! We did a 1pm start on Friday and we had my friend Adrian with his kids on his new boat first time out. They followed us to Prince George but we could not get a squid there. Day before same...

2021 April 1st – fishing St Leonards

I would like to thank everyone of you for support and hugs from total strangers I couldn’t stay home yesterday so I took of to start Leonard’s. Plenty kgw , yakkas and tons of garfish. The key was the pilchard slice along with piece of squid. I will report later on...

Video off the traffic in the RIP

Here it is the traffic in the rip at the moment. Last Sunday and this Wednesday recording . People that never fished there this is the task you need to combat. Stay SAFE! Others, maybe you'll see your boat here, Cheers

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