Portarlington – under water camera

by Feb 12, 2019Port Phillip Bay, Video0 comments

Portarlington - under water camera - Video

Wow, here it is. The camera is attached to my burley bucket. It is only a GoPro 3 black, but i did some color corrections for better vision. Good news about it is that i got some good footage. Bad news is that we can not see the camera in real time, so when i get home, i take the card out to see what was under the boat. While we chased snapper, we had KG’s, yakka’s, pinky’s, trevally’s slimys, leather jackets, zebra fish, boar fish and my favorite red mullet dancing around the burley bucket. All this in 11m of water in Portarlington. It shows how important is to fish the edge or a drop off. Any structure contains fish, we just need to get them interested in our bait!
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