Fishing With Brett Reeds

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Fishing With Brett Reeds

Another catch up story!
This time it was 16th of March and i had a special friend on my boat. It was Brett Reeds aka Reedy’s Rigs.I have to say that in my fishing career I’m the tackle junkie. Not in a bad sense. I love exploring when i fish, and i don’t just explore the grounds, bait, weather -but i love trying different things that work and tackle and rigs is one of the department. In my collection you will find stuff from Mustad hooks to gamakatsu, black magic to daiwa, shimano etc. One thing that i was proud to say it works, was Reedy’s rigs.
First the hooks.
My favorite snapper and gummy circle hooks are the Outlaw by Reedy’s as they are sharp, strong and i found they don’t rust as fast as the competition.
Second the rigs – they work unbelievable and there is no need to say more about it. So…….
I once did mention the Tinganoster rig in my report and Brett contacted me to thank me. We become friends, and, from respect i love to pay for my tackle not expecting getting it for nothing. Because i use it a lot and I trust it, I did recommended to lots of people and even gave them a sample of it even i paid for it. Respect is the word that explains my action. Plus, a local business, family orientated person that “looooves”his fishing, and specially fishing with his kids.
Well, i had lots of strangers on my boat, teach them few tricks so this time was the time to have an expert and share some tips. Nothing was short of brilliant day out, managed to get lots of KGW as well Yakka’s and plenty of garfish. Ideas where coming from each others sleeves like Aces in the poker game. Lots of laugh, lots of miss hooked ups, and lots of great memories. That is what fishing is all about.
Enjoy the pics!

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