Fishing report for the first week in May 2023

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This time of the year most of the people store they boats and wait for the summer! Well, let me tell you this is one of the most productive time if you Chase Squid, Gummy, King George Whiting, Garfish and even Snapper.

Port Phillip Bay is alive from Corio bay to Queenscliff ,across to Portsea, back to Black Rock and back to Port Melbourne where few people are smashing snapper.

Will and I, we did some kilometers the other day. Launched at Werribee, ended chasing KGW at Limeburners, then moved to Clifton Springs to Chase squid, and at the end we ended at Mud Island Chasing Gummy.


First, at Limeburners we managed lots of KGW but most of it undersized. Out of I believe 100 fish we ended with only few keepers.

Then we moved to Clifton Springs and had hard time getting squid as there was thick grass floating on the surface. All I can say I never seen the grass that bad.

The next stop was Mud Island. Here we first tried the shallows for some squid and we managed few, but the action was way too slow so we ended in 11m depth chasing Gummy Sharks.

First, lots of undersized flatty’s. It was just about impossible to fish. Then we got a banjo shark. And then finally the target fish. This fish took the smallest rig we had, with 20lb leader loaded with a piece of salmon. It gave us a bit of a challenge, but after about 10 minutes, we had it in the net.

It was a nice surprise and we where very happy!



Words can not discribe what is going on in Portland atm. It is tuna season and definitely there is plenty tuna around, but this?

Most of the charters are getting rewarded with Mahi Mahi!!!! Sharkmen, Gone Fishing, Real Time, Matthew Hunt Charters, they all doing great on tuna but this time they topped it up with this beautifull fish. It is amazing to me as it is not a common catch in this waters.

Beside that, big barrels still around Portland and Sharkmen Charters has been doing really well on Mako Sharks as well.
So if you want to catch any of this species and you are not to sure, or you don’t have a boat call this guys and catch your dream fish

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