Fishing Mornington area – Saturday Dec 10th

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Since I started working full time at Geelong Marine World, and then coming home to do the Happy Fisherman Adventures TV show, I had no much time to update the web site. Well it is time to catch up!
Well yesterday we took of from Werribee early morning with our friend Tas and the mission was to cross to the east side of the bay and chase some snapper, then go mud island and maybe the rip.

It was a bit of “OLE” all the way there as it was very choppy. We got in the Mornington area, as per pointers received from my firend Brett Reed, about 18m deep and start scanning around. Along us we had Michael Ivas and the game begins.

After we anchored Tas got a small pinky, then a millions of small flatheads followed by another pinky that was a keeper “34cm”.

Then one of the rods start to bend. It was not aggressive bait at all but it was a serious fish. We got Tas on it and he managed to bring up a nice snapper!

Somehow Tas managed not to scream his lungs out, but he could not wipe the smile of his face. This fish took Reddy’s Scallop color rig that was loaded with Silver Whiting head. The outfit was a bit heavy for snapper, but still it was a good fight. Why I say “heavy, it’s because i had my 2 roads that I would use in the rip for kingys.

No long after, the second fish was on! Same rod, same rig but this time Mima was in the battle. It did not take long before we had the second snapper on the boat. This one came with a bonus. A flathead was also hookd on one of the hooks. We put the flathead back, took some photos and reload everything.

In meantime we called Michael to come close to us and in no time he had a fish on. Somehow this fish managed to bite through his line and he lost it!

Then, Michael was on again and this time he landed a nice snapper all by him self. Great work, and it was great to see him HAPPY!

As we took some pics of Michael, and as he was on the phone to Emma happy telling her that he landed a fish, another rod goes. This time it was a light Lox rod and Mima had a great battle on her hands. We normally use this rod for small pinky’s but this time it was the biggest fish of the day. It took a while and at one stage Mima did say that her arm hurts. I offered to take over but she said “NO”. 15 minutes later we had this fish on the boat. Happy days!


Then we continued our adventure at  Mud Island with no much luck. Few gurnards and lots of small flatty’s where dominating this area. We tried for squid with no succes so we moved to St Leonards. Here we got about 5 squid but the action was way too slow.

Next stop was Portarlington and here we managed another doezen squid and then we achored for KGW. I can say we caught ove 40 king george whitting but only few keepers. The KGW here was way too small.

By 7pm we where at Werribee ramp. Long day, but considering the weather it was worth it spending it on the water. Now again for a week we will not really be out there, so looking forwards to next nice day!

All in all great adventure!

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