A quick update – until 14 June 2020

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A quick update - until 14 June 2020

As i have been quiet busy with work i missed out on a week of reports. Lots of fish around. First we spend few days around Clifton Springs and managed quiet few nice KGW’s. Around Kirks point big squid but not in big numbers,

On the 8th we went to Cape Shank chasing Gummys. We troll from the heads until the mark at Cape Shank. Lots of dolphins around, no tuna for us. At cape Shank we managed every other shit shark but Gummy. Lots of big Leather Jackets and the other reef fish like Barber Perch and Wrasse. On the way back we stopped at Queenscliff old Pier and managed to get quiet few nice KGWs.

The next few days St Leonards was the target with a quick stop at Prince George for squid. No many squid around, but enough for fresh bait. Few Cuttle Fish still around that area. Best jig for Cuttle Fish is the white Saphire T14 by shimano, or same white in Yamashita 3.0.

At St Leonards, every day we managed the bag limit of KGWs. Lots of small fish early afternoon that we put back, and around 4.30pm every day, until 5.45pm bigger fish in 40cm mark showed up. Patternoster and small fresh squid cubes are the go. Must find a sand patch, otherways leather jackets are shocking.

Lots of fun spending time with my friends!

Lots of nice video footage we got of the KGW action, and, new addition to my video recording is the FIFISH V6 underwater drone. Great footage in 4K which will allow us to explore the Port Phillip Bay. Not easy to drive the drone, and not practical to use while fishing, but great to explore new grounds and the different vegetation that makes all the difference.

Cheers, Happy Fisherman

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