2018 may 8th – mud island

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2018 may 8th mud island

What a day to be out. Flat as, peacefull as it gets, and not hit not cold. We need more days like this. I left werribee to get to mud island an hour before the low tide. We got there around 12.45 and it started unusually slow. On flatty and one gurnard in 30 min. Never so slow. Then, few banjo. Around 1.30 first gummy – just under size. As I put it back few more banjos. Then exactly 2 pm on totally dead tide, keeper. Not to big. Just over 4kg. Few minutes later another one, 51cm by legal measure, that one has gone back. Then a seven Gill pup. If it goes. About 2.30 everything has gone slow and flattys are back. I got a big shovel nose ray, and I decided to go calamari hunting. Just in between the mussel farm an mud island 6-7m depth. Plenty. Not very big but plenty. We managed the bag limit in 30 min. Back at the ramp for cleaning business buy 6pm. Few people came from point Cook area with the bag of squid as well. Other then that few had flattys. That is all. Keep fishing. Happy fisherman!!!!

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