2023 January 14th fishing Mud Island

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Well, we did try for gummy but “no luck”.
We where at mud Island around 10.30am and we where on a mission to get a gummy shark. We spend quiet few hours in 11m depth in Pinnace channel, but all we got is Banjos and Port Jackson sharks.
As the tide turned, we start having fun catching slimy mackerel, yakka’s and garfish. Garfish was way to small so we did not invest much time in it, but slimy on light gear where fun.
Then we got a call from our friend Bernard to go in shallows and chase KGW so we went. Again, banjo city over there. After about 40minutes we lost aroung 10 Reedy’s rigs to banjos. Some of them where massive and few times nearly got spooled.
Then we lifted the anchor and managed quiet a bit of nice size squid.
All in all it was a great day out and just to add that in 1.5m of water a big school of fish came past Loris and his friend on Jet Ski. As they where filming it a massive Bronze Whaler was following it. That actually just happen 5 minutes before they wanted to jump in and snorkel there. Well it just shows you that you never swim around mud island even you in half a meter of water!

Happy Fisherman

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