2023 feb 19 – Fishing Mud Island

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Well we got up late and made last minute decision – let go and get some squid!
We knew there is going to be hundreds of boats out there so our destination was Mud Island as it doesn’t get very crowded. We got there around 10am, one hour before full tide. Against my prediction, there was quiet few boats there and few divers in the water, which makes a bit hard to catch squid. We found a a weed patch away from those boats and we gave it a go.
We managed 8 nice size squid in about half hour, and then stopped completely.This time the Flashboost clinch green jig did most of the damage. Few of the squid we got by retriving the jig quiet fast and then stop just 5-6m before the boat. The squid would chase it, and as we stopped they grabbed it. It is another technique to try when you out there.
Then we anchored on the edge of the grass and sand and tried for some KGW. Mima got one in first 2 minutes, and then the second one took 30 minutes so that was way to slow.
By 3pm we where back at the ramp

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