2022 Jan 6th – Fishing Portland

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2022 Jan 6th – Fishing Portland

This was one great adventure in Portland with Mima and Ovi!

We got there on the 6th of Jan and the sky was a bit like from Horror movies. In no time we had big rain coming down but it only lasted for few minutes.

The very next morning we left early, headed towards north shore, and by at 7am Mima was on her first ever Tuna. This one took a squid strip that we trolled for kingfish. We did try hard for Kingfish but no much luck.

The very next day it was a bit ruff so just me and Ovi end up fishing inshore in front of the tower chasing KGW. We only managed few but we had lots of fun with Slimy’s and Travelly’s.

Sunday, another try at tuna, and this time we found it closer to Narrawong.
Monday, the weather app showed is going to be quiet windy and the plan was to pack up and go home. Ovi left early morning so at 7am when we looked out, it was very calm. We decided to give it another go. This time we found the tuna in 16m juts in front of Abalone farm – Alestree – and in 20 minutes we had our bag limit. We managed 3 tunas on Deep Divers and one on small skirt.

It was time to go out and as I washed the carpet with the deck wash from all the blood from bleeding the tuna,  Mima had the bildge pump going. As we looked behind the boat, a huge Mako shark war in the trail. We stopped, I tried to serve it with a nice slimy mac, but she would not take it. After 10 minutes, she was gone.

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