2022 Jan 16 – Fishing Port Phillip Bay

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2022 Jan 16 – Fishing Port Phillip Bay

This adventure started early morning from Werribee and the challenge was to get some squid at Prince George and go to the Rip try to catch King fish.
Me, JJ and Brett Denis got to Prince George around 7am, and we managed few squid but it was a bit slow. So, we moved to S Leonards to try to get som live bait like Yakka or Slimy. We got only couple, but in meantime, JJ managed to get another 9 squid’s.
We took of to the RIP to be there before the tide change, tried for a bit, but I quickly pulled the pin as there wa no sign of Kingfish. All we got is getting ripped of by Blue Throat Wrasse.
Then, I decided lets go to mud island.

As we got to Mud Island, we got smashed by flatheads. When I got home and checked my camera, it looked like it was raining flatheads down there. Saying that JJ managed a nice one in low 50cm. Beside flatheads, we got terrorized by Banjo’s, Port Jackson and some big rays. 
By not dropping the rig down to the bottom, Brett on the light rod with Reedy’s paternoster start catching Yakka’s and slimy’s left right and center. There is millions out there atm.

In meantime we got busted five times on big tuna outfits with Saragosa 10000 and 50lb braid. The very last run, it was some kind of submarine that took a live slimy. Took nearly 300m of line and after about 30minutes I passed the rod to JJ. He continued to fight with it for another 25 minutes and we finally had it close to the boat. Then what do you know, this stupid thing decided to make another run and that was when my quiet expensive 60lb rod decided to break in three pieces. JJ was devastated, but it wasn’t his fault at all. All we seen from this fish is a long white belly, as we had to cut the braid. Well that is part of the fun.

If you after live bait, the east side of Pinnace chanel at Mud Island, in 11m depth, you can not go wrong.

Cheers, Happy Fisherman

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