2021 March 7th – fishing St Leonards

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2021 March 7th – fishing St Leonards

A quick catch-up: March 7, 10 and 11th. All at St Leonards 6m Depth straight out from the ramp.
As usual we launch in Werribee on 7th, around 1pm and stopped at Prince George for squid. No good at all. Then we went to St Leonards and targeted KGWs. It was slow to start but between me Jerry and Adrian we managed just over 40. Few nice in mid 40cm, but most around 32-38cm. Lots of yakka’s around my burley bucket.
On the 10th Me and Mima took the new purchase by Adrian – 2008 Signature 580f – for a spin. Nice boat and i can say very soft ride. We end up again at St Leonards from around 4pm to 7.30pm we managed again around 38 KGWs and just as manny Yakka’s. This time under the boat the camera captured KGWs, Tommy Ruff, Yakka’s and squid. Impressive footage.
On 11th i went with Zoran for another session at St Leonards. It was 3pm and the Willy Weather did show just around 10km winds. When we got half way, it went close to 40km wind and it chopped up a bit. We got to usual spot and started. First Yakka’s came around. The KGW did not show until 6pm. We managed around dozen only and about 20 Yakka’s.
The consistency of KGW is definitely positive, but I did had to improvise a bit. I moved few times, thanks god for Lonestar anchor, and i had to burley hard. The first couple of days i got them on standard patternoster rig loaded with strip off squid and mussels as cocktail. Funny enough on the last session with Zoran they did not like that. I had a cocktail of squid and small fillet of pilchard. If i had only squid, KGW did not touch it. As well, on that last day the running tiganoster rig was more successful then the usual patternoster.
Both side of the tide worked the same.
I’m editing the video at the moment and i’ll post as soon its done. Great underwater footage this time.
Cheers, Happy Fisherman

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