2021 Jan 10 to 15 catch up

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2021 Jan 10 to 15 catch up

Just a quick update from my last few trips.
Around Portarlington old channel and all the way to Prince George marker still lots of garfish. Silverfish – if you can find it – or small flatty flesh – best bait.
As per yakka’s and slimmy’s – we have been getting them in big numbers at Mud Island in Pinnace channel, at Portarlington old channel, and deep in 20m of Indented Heads. Slimmy’s you’ll get 3-4m under the boat, while Yakkas are few meters of the bottom. Small slice of pilchard flesh works best, and fresh squid strips will do the job.
The Wobbegong shark we catch/release at mud island. This big momma took a whole Pike that we set for gummy.
Few gummy sharks around at the moment at Mud Island. One thing worth mentioning is – quiet few KGWs in Pinnace channel. After i watched the underwater footage, while we where fishing top water for slimmy’s, clouds of KGW where around my burley bucket. I’ll have a video soon on happy fisherman youtube channel.
Cheers, Happy Fisherman

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