2021 Feb 24 – fishing port phillip bay

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2021 Feb 24 – fishing port phillip bay

Wednesday the 24th Mi and Mima took of to the Wreck in front of Indented Heads for live bait so we can go Kingfishing in the rip. The bloody seal would not let us keep any. After about half hour of headache i just left. I stopped in the Western Channel to get some squid and in 15min all i managed is one. I rushed to the rip with that one squid and over there lots of boats in action. My first drop i get an undersized kingy that at first i was thinking is a salmon how small it was. I put it back and that was it for me.
I filmed a bit the traffic in the rip, so i will uploaded very soon.
Then we took of to St Leonards 6m depth just in front of the boat ramp and in no time we managed 40kgws. We had lots more that we had to put back as they where to small, but the 40 where between 32cm and 40cm. No big at all, but lots of fun.
Under the boat again lots and lots of Tommy Ruff!
Cheers, happy Fisherman

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