2021 April 2nd – fishing St Leonards

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2021 April 2nd – fishing St Leonards

Friday 2nd April -So much life underwater at St Leonards it is incredible!
We did a 1pm start on Friday and we had my friend Adrian with his kids on his new boat first time out. They followed us to Prince George but we could not get a squid there. Day before same weather, same time plenty squid. This time nothing!
We end up at St Leonards around 3pm and target fish was whiting. We started catching after first throw and end up with the limit in less then 2 hours. With some tips, Adrian and crew managed over 30 them self. No bad for first time on their own. They fished with me before, but this time they had to do it on their own.
In meantime, we changed the rig and stared targeting garfish. We end up with over 40 and over 20 yakka’s as well.
When i got home, i checked the underwater footage and it was magnificent. Yakka’s, Tommy Ruff, KGW’s, banjos, stingray, squid and for the very first time a FLOUNDER. Amazing!I will share the video footage in next day or two.
The key for us catching KGW’s was again cocktail of small square of squid and slice of pilchard. This time Reedy’s tinganoster single hook running rig with red fluff was the rig of the day. We managed few on patternoster rig but sitting high of the ground Yakka would take it before KGW had a chance. Lost few rigs to banjos, but that is part of the game.
Was good to see lots of boats around us, and most of them got fish.
Cheers, Happy Fisherman

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