2021 April 24 – fishing St Leonards

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2021 April 24 – fishing St Leonards

Yesterday it was a hard work at StLeonards – 6m depth straight in front of the ramp.
We got there around 2.30pm and the tide was running out. The wind was STH/W so we where facing city. As you cast, 30sec later the bait was under the boat and going backwards. On top of that we where swinging left to right ridiculously.
We managed 23 kgws and 15 yakka. The kgw was on first and as the current stopped around 4pm, it shut completely. Than yakka started, and, as tide changed, we got nothing but yakkas. By 7pm we where at Werribee ramp.
Out of 23kgw, Mima got 18 of them on her side of the boat. Again slice of pilchard with small square of squid did the damage. She used the running Tiganoster rig by Reedys in bass yabby color, and that was way more successful then Jerry’s 2 hooks paternoster.
I filmed the rig, bait and technic Mima used and I will posted soon. The trick I observed it was – as you throw, let it drop on the floor, then keep tension at all the time even if you reel slowly back. Don’t react on the first bite, but slowly drag it back from the kgw and that’s when he goes again and gets hooked.
I had my rod in the holder and every time I reacted in the first bite – I missed.
Cheers, happy fisherman

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