2021 April 18 – fishing St Leonards

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2021 April 18 – fishing St Leonards

Catch Up
Yesterday (Saturday) session at St Leonards was simply “DeJaVu”. Around 1.30pm we stopped at Prince George and managed dozen squid very quick. Some small some very big. Best jig this time was the PPB standard White saphire T14.
Then, By 2.30 pm we where at St Leonards on my usual 6m mark straight in front of boat ramp. It was slow to start, but 40minute in KGW went crazy. Again the Running Tiganoster rig by Brett Reed “Reedys rigz” out-performed the patternoster by miles. Small piece of squid and small piece of pilchard cocktail worked a treat (as per pic below).
The only problem is Yakka. There are millions of them over there and you must make sure your bait is on the sea floor, otherwise take less then 3 seconds to loose it to Yakka. We end up catching Yakka even when we retrieve to check the bait. The good part is, if you like yakka’s – some nice size around, and it is fun to catch them, specially if you got kids on your boat.
If you burley top water, Garfish will be all around your boat. Yesterday they did not attack as usual, but We still managed few.
The highlight of the day for me was a boat was on the way out and suddenly stopped, called out “Tibby” and after thanking me for the reports and tips he said “They bagged out for the first time ever”. That what makes another Happy Fisherman.
Cheers, Happy Fisherman

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