2020 Nov 3rd Fishing Port Phillip Bay

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2020 Nov 3rd Fishing Port Phillip Bay

“One” – that’s all for us this afternoon. We left Werribee at 2 30pm and as we got to 9m it star to blow his guts. I did a U turn and went towards Poin Cook raaf base 7m. We tried for an hour, but, not even a banjo.
As north wind did not bother me much on this side of bay, I decided to go Altona. Lots of people at yellow stick so I end up in 9m with no boats around.
We burley hard, went thru a bag of Pilchards, but all we got was undersized pinky’s.
Exactly at 5.45 pm bug run. I landed this 3.5kg fish and hoped the game is on. After another bag of pilchard and bag of silver whiting, there was no more snapper for us.
Few nice size (small) yakkas that we got I used as live bait – no success. By 7pm we where at the ramp.
Snapper we got took whiole un- weighted pilchard on snell rig with 3.0 outlaw circle hooks by Reedys. All the rest of the bait including silver, squid and even the live yakka was cleaned by pinky’s in no time. If it was in the water for more then 5min – yep – you got a star fish
Cheers happy fisherman
Ps. Flies galore on the north wind.

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