2020 Nov 30th – Fishing with Steve Van

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2020 Nov 30th – Fishing with Steve Van

There are few pics from Monday 30th Nov. I get a phone call from my music buddy – nice day let’s go fishing. I was in middle of doing the website for Huntington’s Victoria – but what is more important?

We got on the water at lunch time and went straight out from Werribee in 20m. Burley got some slimmy mackerell around the boat in no time and Steve was getting quiet few. That’s the good part, bad part we just couldn’t converted to a big red. No takers. What I notice when I got home from the underwater camera, there was milions of Yakkas few meters of the bottom, lots of bloody arrow squid, and the usual flattys. As per first photo, the bay is full of yakka’s, slimy’s and arrow squid. Oh well, I know few people would say that is great and others that’s no good if you chase a big red. But, everyone has a right to an opinion.
As per arrow squid a note to all the fishos that never got one before. They are not as normal calamari. First be carefull handling it as they will try to grab you on the hand and bite ya. They do have beak like parrot and it bloody hurts. I talk from experience I had about 20 years ago. Second the arrow is much tougher then calamari so it is not as good to eat, but, it makes a bloody great bait.
Anyway, the next stop was prince george, tried hard for squid, we only got two.
By 5.30 pm I anchored at Portarlington old channel. Lots of fish again. Pinky’s where dens, and it was no point using pilchard. I had lots of squid wings, and that was the nr.1 bait as it lasted longer on the hook. We managed quiet few keeper between 34-37cm, some more mackerel, and few yakkas. Again, after watching that underwater video, there was tons of Yakkas few meters from the bottom, mackeres few meters from surface, few red mullet on the bottom and at one stage tons of short fin Pike/Snook passing by. I will have all this on my happy fisherman web and youtube channel . Great underwater footage
no big reds, still great day out, Cheers, Happy Fisherman


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