2020 Nov 21st – Fishing Port Phillip Bay

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2020 Nov 21st – Fishing Port Phillip Bay

Big day out for me. First around 10am I went on a search for some slimy and after I got few dozens I got out. Then as I promised my friend Misha that I will take him snapper fishing, around 5pm after he finished his work we where on the water.
I went from Werribee to the Rickets point side and I made sure I’m away from all the other boats.
First I get very pissed off as I had a tip to try using Reedys rig in blue color, as it was doing a lot of damage. I had one in my box, set a half slimy on one hook and the head in the other. As I was preparing my other rods, some freaking monster took it and I had no control. As I was just about to be spoiled I locked the drag and that was the end of that. Shark, ray or whatever, I was pushed og as that was my only blue rig I had.
I attached a pink one and I was hopping. In the meantime few small pinky’s and lots of undersized flattys. I start to believe that’s it. But as the sun set, bang. Misha got to fight his first snapper, and he landed a 3.5 kg that took a slimy mackerel head on the pink rig. Best of all I managed to get all on the video and his smile was priceless. Me, i felt relieved as I did not want to disappoint my friend who had his hopes high.
Long day that ended in success. Nothing is better than spending time with your close friends and family on the water.
Cheers, happy fisherman

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