2020 Nov 1st Fishing Portarlington

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2020 Nov 1st Fishing Portarlington

Today’s (Sunday)trip was a bit all over the place. We where first at Point Cook around 2.30pm trying for squid, but the water was not just dirty, it was mud. Then I went across to Portarlington shallows as is still in my 25km. Just around the mussel farm, few boats around, but not fish. Just after 4pm we went to old channel at Portarlington. First – pinky’s went crazy but no keepers. Then no pinky’s at all but lots of small flattys. 6pm we start getting some KGWs. Then the bingo – my favorite – rock ling – that went 2.4 kg. After that, as the sun touched the horizon I was hopping for some good action. Nope, the snapper just did not turned up. By 7.15pm we were on the way back
Cheers, happy fisherman

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