2020 Nov 14 Fishing Portland – Big Gummy Shark

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2020 Nov 14 Fishing Portland – Big Gummy Shark

Portland. Saturday I had a work meeting to attend in Portland so I could not help my self and took my boat along. We started fishing 4km straight out from harbour in 20m of water and after many barber perch, undersized pinky’s around 8am we managed a gummy that was nearly 1.8m.
By 10am we where on the way out to meet the agent, and 3pm we where back on the water. This time not much. Best excitement was small barracuda that went under the boat and lasted 15min. We managed 12 on silver lures, and just for the record I lost 3 lures as the suckers bite my swivels off. I always had bad experience with gold swivels so I haven’t been using them for the past 20 years. This time they attacked the black ones as well.
As per Portland fishing there is no much to say. Few boats out, few big kgw in 50 cm, few flattys over 50cm and all I saw in the bins for the 3days that I was there was a 7gill shark. Speaking to local – no tuna to report.
As per weather on Saturday, I have never seen it like this before, it was like mirror. Magnificent!!
Cheers, happy fisherman

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