2020 May 22 Fishing St Leonards with Tyrone from BCF

by May 31, 2020Fishing Reports, Port Phillip Bay0 comments

Friday 22nd may – we did another trip to St Leonard’s, this time I had my friend Tyrone (from local BCF) on board who was looking forward to catch a KGW. Around 2.30pm we where at Prince George mark targeting squid. We managed 10, not big at all, and best jig solid black Yamashita.
Around 4pm we where at St Leonard’s. We did few moves around, trying to find the patch. We managed all up 37 KGWs, and again best rig was the paternoster with squid at the bottom and cube of pilchard at the top. We had my friend Daniel and his champion son close to us. They had no pilchard but they still managed few fish. It was great to see how young kid can be so much into fishing.
The leather Jackets where again thick, as you see in the picture, we snatched few just by jigging for squid.
All in all, as Tyrone does not get much chance to be on the boat lately , he had a great afternoon.
Cheers – happy fisherman


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