2020 May 17th Fishing St Leonards

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2020 May 17th Fishing St Leonards

3 out of 3 – good sessions. We did the afternoon trip yesterday (Sunday), and 2 pm we where at Prince George. As to many boats around the marker we end up to my old spot closer to indented heads. Squid where very slow, we only got few. But the bonus was there – nice cuttle fish on white sapphire jig.
By 3.30pm we where at the spot in St Leonard’s chasing whiting. It started slow, then they went crazy, stopped again, and around 5.30pm u we had another big wave of them. We managed 32.
Again paternoster rig was the key. Mima was the one smashing them on tiganoster rig call something like “coctail Pippie” color. Both squid strips and pilchard cubes worked great.
It was good to se Mick, my boat mechanic, next to us on the family day out with his dad and his son. They got 40 kgws.
Key is to fish the sand patches. If you fish on top of the grass, millions of leather jackets will smash the bait. I’ll have the video of this 3 day session in next day or 2, and the underwater footage shows the leather jackets attack the bait as it hits the bottom. Cheers – happy fisherman

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