2020 May 16th Fishing St Leonards

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2020 May 16th Fishing St Leonards

Another good session today. We left around 11am from Werribee to Prince George first. Very slow, 6 squid only. Then we decided to give Symonds and Lolita channel a go. Donuts.
By 2 pm we met with Will and his 80 year old father in the West Channel. We spend half hour ther and only got one big squid. Then we took of to st Leonard’s. As we dropped the anchor Wills old man was already on the KGW.
In no time kgws where on, and after we got a dozen, two seals came right in between our boats. It took good half hour for them to leave, and, we where back on the fish. Later my friends Peter and Jeff joined us as well. Everyone got home with some fish. Me and Jerry end up with 34 kgw”s.
Against all odds, Jerry was getting them on paternoster rig and most of them on top hook loaded with a cube of pilchard. I can honestly say it was 3 to 1 against my running rig on coctail -squid/pippies. For me was very strange, but it just shows that on different days, different bait and rigs work. Saying that, again, as it got dark, it was game over, so we left
Cheers happy fisherman

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