2020 March 5th – with Peter and JJ

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2020 March 5th - with Peter and JJ

Yesterday’s trip was a bit “should i stay or should i go”. All the apps, night before, showed good weather. In the morning, when me, Peter Karamoutsos and old man JJ got together, the forecast has changed. We new about the rain, but the wind has gone up by miles.

Anyway, the mission was to launch in Werribee, go deep towards mt Martha for live slimmys, and get some squid at Queenscliff, then go to the heads and try for Kingy’s. Slowly we dd get to my 20m mark towards Mt Martha, and, we started with pinky’s. Few nice one in the mix, but slimmy did not play the game. Around 11am, they where on the chew in our burley trail. We start getting few, and in meantime, Peter was on something serious. Nice snapper, around 4kg, on a old half silver whiting (tail part). By 12, we had enough slimmys and head of thru Western channel towards Queenscliff to get some squid for live bait. We got few, and by 1.30pm we where in the rip. The rip was quiet empty, something like Coles Toilet paper shelf’s. Only few boats around, but saying that, no Kingy’s around either.

We had live bait, strips of fresh squid, live squid, but nothing on the sounder. We tried for few hours, and by 3.30pm we had to pull the plug. The wind ha gone up, so the ride back home was over an hour (with few big splashes in the Western channel, so we where soaked wet )

All in all, we where three happy fisherman!


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