2020 March 1st – Catching snapper in 20m

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2020 March 1st - Catching snapper in 20m

Today was all over the place. The crew – me , Jerry and Mima, launched at Werribee around 10am – as I couldn’t wake up earlier because I was exhausted from the offshore fishing the day before. The idea was to get some squid at Prince George, get some slimmys mid PPB and head of to the rip and use live bait to get king fish.
“Good idea 99” but, the water was caping, and it was a bit uncomfortable. We did get to Prince George just past 11am, got 3 squids and then the wind was pushing us at 10kmp/h. We took of to 20m mark in the middle of the bay to get some slimmys. We did catch up there with my friend Will Flatout who did a morning session but pinky’s where stealing all his bait.
Will had to leave and we end up staying. Started with a nice pinky and tons of slimmy mackerel. As we where filming the “count to five trick” of dropping the line for slimmys, Jerry was on a serious fish. Light rod with 20lb leader and snell 1.0 Reedys circle hooks that aimed for a pinky, end up with 4+ kg snapper. That was on a pilchard. Mima continues bringing slimmys and as we decided to give the rip a miss, bingo, another big snapper on live slimmy mackerel.
We did have tones of pinky’s stealing our bait, few banjos, and after all, we had around 40 slimmys.
By 4pm it was time to get out.
All the slimmys where landed on paternoster style rig with small hooks and a winner was a slice of pilchard fillet – very small.
Cheers – happy fisherman

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