2020 June 21st – Happy Fisherman Fishing St Leonards

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2020 June 21st - Happy Fisherman Fishing St Leonards

Left just after lunch from Werribee heading for St Leonards. First we needed to pick up some squid for bait, so a quick stop at Prince George was made. We managed a dozen squid pretty quick. The size was average. Best Jig this time was the White Yamashita and the RPF one.

Around 3pm we got at St Leonards. Again, as per every other day, too many small whiting that we put back in water. Then we made a break and Mima launched the FIFISh and we scan a bit of ground around us. There was no shortage of leather jackets for sure. Millions of them attacking the bait. In beetween them we seen some big red mullet. Quiet few small red mullet around, but there some really nice fish as well. Few Banjos and a big Ray went past the drone as well.

Around 4.45pm we started fishing again, and this time we managed few nice KGW’s. Most of them on Reedy’s Tiganoster and few on standard running rig. The trick with Reedy’s Tiganoster was a small piece of squid square (the size of your nail) pushed up the hook.

By 6pm we where already on the way home. Cheers

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