2020 July 8th – Fishing Cape Shank

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2020 July 8th – Fishing Cape Shank

Wednesday 8th of July- I use the opportunity to go in Bass Straight and scan or sight some activities and see if tuna is still around. I went in 50m depth towards Cape Shank. Nothing, just dolphins playing around. I did scan some activity in 40m depth. Nothing would play the game.
Then I ended in 30m straight out of Cape Shank tower trying for gummy’s just before tide change. I managed every dumb shark like draughtboard, Jackson etc. but no gummy. Lots of blue throat wrasse on steroids, and, on small rig, tons of barber perch. Few jackets as well, that I did not mind.
By 4.30pm I was at Queenscliffs lighthouse in front of the small pier in 4m trying for some Kgws and that did not disappoint. Managed 6 in 20min and that was the end of my adventure.
From now only local launching for 6 weeks.
Cheers, happy fisherman

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