2020 January 2nd – Fishing at Point Cook

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2020 January 2nd - Fishing at Point Cook

Thursday 2nd Jan 2020 – i took my close friends for a fish at Point Cook, in 9m in front of Campbells Cove. We did get up at 4am, but, by the time we got ready it was already sunrise. At the ramp just after 6am and there was “Full House” – boats everywhere. Most of them went to Wedge Spit.
We, got at one of my marks – 37.58.250S 144.45.828E. Tried hard for a Gummy but all i got is over 15 banjos, massive sting ray and a huge eagle ray. In meantime Michael, Sonia and little Maya had a ball getting Pinky’s, slimmy mack, yakkas, flatty’s and garfish -non stop. As per one of the pics, the vegetation in that area is pretty healthy, and there are lots of fish. Quiet few pinky’s and most of them to small, but in between you do get some between 35cm-40cm. If you want slimmy’s or yakkas, there are millions of them. Trick is small hooks with little piece of pilchard, and most important,don’t drop it on the bottom as pinky’s will smash it. Garfish, no more them 1m bellow surface. I didn’t have silver fish, so garfish where hard to catch, but yakka’s and slimmy where on like crazy.
Little Maya had exciting time catching fish but, by 11am, she was under the cabin sleeping. By 2pm, wind start to pick up, so it was time to go home, clean some fish and squid, and have a late lunch. I never tried to eat slimmy mac before, but after Sonia insisted, we gave it a go. Definitely better than snook/pike, or Australian Salmon. Don’t frieze good, so must be used fresh. Offcourse, we are spoiled with quality fish like KGW, Gummy’s Flatty’s, but it was no bad at all.
Happy Fisherman

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