2020 Jan 25th – fishing Port Phillip Bay Deep

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2020 Jan 25th - fishing Port Phillip Bay Deep

We left Werribee at 9am and head of towards Mt Martha. 16km in we had big bait ball on the sounder. We stopped and decided to try. As we started, it was pinky after pinky, all undersized. Nest moment we seen movement mid-water so we where onto slimy mackerel. I put live slimy mackerel on the big rod, hopping for a big shark, but instead, 10.53am we managed a nice snapper. It look really big in the water but went just over 5kg.

We kept getting slimys, we put them back on the hook, but all we got is few more nice pinky’s on half pilchard.

By 1.30 we where on the way to Portarlington old spot, but as we got there it was crazy. Full of sailing boats, i believe over 200.The water started to go choppy and as we want to go tomorrow westernport, it was time to go home.

At the ramp, few people where cleaning some whiting, not big quantity, there was a bit of squid, and some nice garfish. All around wedge spit.

Cheers, Happyfisherman

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