2020 Jan 14 – fishing Portarlington

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2020 Jan 14 - fishing Portarlington

Yesterday -14h jan – i left Werribee at 11am for quick session at the Wedge. Tried for KGW, but only few. Very slow and, after i looked at the underwater footage, none on the video, just lots of leather jackets. By 11.45 I ran to Portarlington Old Channel to try for snapper as the tide was just approaching – low. Lots of undersized pinky’s, and lots of slimy mackerel. Then, 40 minutes before tide change, first keeper at 36cm, and just 2minutes after the second one, which was a nice fish – just under 2kg. As tide changed, back to old undersized throw backs. By 1.45pm i had to run back home to finish some work.

Slimmys I got on the paternoster rig with small hooks and small slices of pilchard. The trick was not to drop it on the bottom. 4m under the boat, that’s where I got them. Burley bucket i suspended just a 1.5m under the boat hopping for garfish, but, they never turned up, slimys did.

The small pinky i got on half pilchard, the bigger one took a massive piece of fresh slimy. Both fish on unweighted snelled hooks.

Cheers, happy fisherman

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