2020 Jan 12 – fishing Portarlington

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2020 Jan 12 - fishing Portarlington

As Jerry got back from overseas, today he wanted to fish since, tomorrow is back to work. Around 10am we left for Portarlington old channel. It started with lots of small pinky’s and 11.16am, just before tide change, we managed quiet few, bigger around 1.5 kg
In meantime we where getting few slimmys and some nice garfish. Slimmys mid water, 5-6m on small pilchard slice, the garfish where around 2m deep and they took small piece of silver whiting flesh.
We had few banjos, just to mentio, but no big snapper.
The best setup was today small snell circle hooks, I used Reedy”s 1.0 and 2.0, and I had half a pilchard rigged up. ( I’ll have this on the video in next day or two). Light rod and very small ball sinker or if water is not moving, no sinker at all was the best. If you use a sinker and get it on the bottom, pilchard will be smashed by undersized pinky’s.
By 3 pm we where already at the ramp cleaning fish. Cheers, happy fisherman
P.S. I did catch somebody’s rod and reel with my anchor.

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