2020 Feb 29th – Fishing offshore

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2020 Feb 29th - Fishing offshore

After having mods done to my boat by Mics Marine, today was the day to enjoy. Me, Peter Karamoutos and Will Flatout shoot thru the heads at 7.30am. We did the 40m depth until Torquay, back in 60m, then up un mid 70s. No tuna! Few people where out there today, but only couple of fish did get hooked. Around 1pm we where 7km in front of the rip, and what you know – Will managed to land his first King fish. Smile was priceless! We kept trying, but, no lick.
As we got back thru the heads, it was something more like Bourne street. Quiet few people landed some nice king fish. Hundreds of boats jigging, and what we seen and know kings where on.
Matt Cini – real time charters was in his element, and Brett Reeds with his crew landed quiet few fish. My respect to this guys, and others that put time and work hard to land this beautiful species.
By 3 pm we where on the way out but I had to stop and test my new Lonestar anchor. It is an upgrade that I can not work out why I waited so long. Very impressive.
I’ll have a video of today’s action and full video of my anchor installation and dramatic improvement in next few days. Till then – go and get some kingfish.
Cheers happy fisherman

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