2020 Feb 23rd -Snapper

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2020 Feb 23rd -Snapper

The smile on Jerry’s face – priceless, but the look on my face when he dropped my pb gummy, well, if looks could kill! I’ll have a video later but for now:
We left 5am and as per pics it took about 30min to launch. Straight from Werribee out, 22m, I would say in line with indented heads.
Lots and lots of pinky’s, cleaning even the full slimmys. 8am, bang, half a silver whiting on snell hooks, small ball sinker – just about unweighted. We land it a big red! In meantime I was booking lots of slimmys and used it for live bait.
Garfish popped up everywhere, and I was busy with the while I had a Pike head cut nearly 6 inch on one of Readys pink rigs. As it took of I was a bit confused. Normally I can call what I have in line very accurate, but this time I was a bit in two minds.
20 minutes later we get a chance to see this monster gummy. Jerry is filming and I’m telling him to get the gaff and leave the camera. Well, he got the gaff but the right hand still was filming. After a last big runs the gummy did, I had it close enough for Jerry to gaff it. Yep, he did with one hand, and lucky enough the gaff did not smash his teeth as the gummy started turning. Yep, that was it. Gonski! Right in front of my eyes.
We fished more hard and slimmys and by 10 I had to be out.
The day before paid of getting the pike and slimmys, and even we lost the big gummy, we still a happy fisherman! Cheers

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