2020 Feb 17th fishing – Lorne Pier

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2020 Feb 17th fishing - Lorne Pier

Lorne pier – big king George whiting. I was not able to post lately as I had a deadline for editing “Postcards” magazine. All done – published and printed. Now I have to wait till Wednesday to get my boat back as I had to replace the hydraulic tilt. In meantime, I could not help but run to Lorne and wet a line. The rock side of the pier (towards Apollo bay) produced some nice big whiting. Not just me, quiet few people got them today. Cocktail -pippies and squid strip is the go. Plenty of other small fish as well, but KGW are big.
After that, nice dinner at the pier restaurant it’s a treat!
Thanks to all the people that offered me to get on board they boat while my is getting fixed! Much appreciated.

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