2020 Dec 27th – Barwon Heads

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2020 Dec 27th - Barwon Heads

Saturday mission was over out thru the rip chasing tuna. Along with me Jerry and old man JJ, was my friend Will Gafa who had his nephew with him on his boat. After going along in Portland, and many times in PPB, Will wanted to get familiar with crossing the bar. I picked great day for it and I made sure we are crossing on the slack tide which was around 5.30am.
We started trolling just about straight away and we when past Barwon Heads all the way to Torquay in 25m of water, came back in 40m, Will was in 50m, unfortunately no sign of tuna. Then we head straight to 70m depth, nothing. No wildlife action at all, the only thing we seen was a sleeping seal. We had all on display: hard bodys, skirts, spreader bar, and stick baits ready. Nothing. Water at one stage was glass.
In meantime i did get few messages from my friends Anthony and Glen, they couldn’t find tuna but they did managed some KingFish in front of the rip. Well done!
There was many boats around, (as per last 2 pics) and Kingfish fired up for a short period of time and then just disappeared.
It was amazing out there, but i was tired as i had to work the day before very late so at 12 we came back in. We stopped at my favorite squid ground between Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale and we got a dozen each. They where massive and we had fun. Will was getting them on pink 3.0 Jig, and we had a mix jig success, from white to orange. At 1.30pm they shut completely, so i decided to get Will to follow me back to the rip just to see the difference from before at slack tide. It was like a washing machine and his words where “you must respect it”.
By 2pm we where on the way out. All in all great day out, squid was just a bonus and we can wait to do it again.
I got told by Anthony that tuna did show up later in the day but would not take anything.
Cheers, Happy Fisherman

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