2020 Dec 20 Fishing Portarlington

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2020 Dec 20 Fishing Portarlington

Yesterday – Sunday – another great session on gars. We left Werribee ramp at 5am and head to Portarlington old channel again. As we got there i did not even setup up cameras – Mima was on garfish. When it comes to garfish, yakkas, slimy’s Mima is my secret weapon.
Before you know Jerry and Andrea got on it and the game started. We did not catch any snapper but we had 103 garfish, 16 slimys, few Yakka’s, few KGW’s and a salmon that Jerry got on garfish rig.
Lots of small Pinky’s still around and i can say that we went thru few kilo of pilchards.
Few boats this time around us, and i seen quiet few got garfish and slimy’s as well but i did not see any snapper.
Again, best thing about this day was great underwater footage showing many different species including Boar fish, cloud of KGW’s moving out with tide, lots of red mullet and tones of gars and yakka’s – ill have that on my happy fisherman YouTube channel very soon. I just edited the big snapper video and uploading as i’m typing. If you like it please subscribe as there is lots more to be uploaded. Hopefully you can benefit from them like where, rigs we use, burley and what depth the different species are.
Omn the way out fisheries where at the ramp checking everyone and after conversation with them on that day no snapper came in only few KGW’s and very few squid.
Cheers, Happy Fisherman

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