2020 Dec 12th – Fishing Portarlington

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2020 Dec 12th – Fishing Portarlington

Today it was should I stay or should I go. At 6pm we left Werribee and went straight to the Portarlington old channel. We fish the edge of the channel in 10m depth.
As we got there it started. First 2 fish where cracker pinky’s, and then lots of small throw back ones. I got a bit tired catching the little ones, so I decided to put the light rod and try for some slimy for fresh bait. No good with slimys but got few yakkas and a garfish. Most of the yakkas we used as live bait, and, they had hits but no hook ups. Just as the sun touched the horizon and we where ready to go back, and then bang. This 4.5kg took the live yakka, and Jerry was up for a good fight. This fish did about six runs before we managed to have it in the net.
Bit bumpy ride on the way back, but all in all – great afternoon
Cheers, happy fisherman

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