2019 Sep 28th – West Channel

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2019 Sep 28th - West Channel

Yesterday afternoon session started at Prince George Mark with only few squid that we wanted for fresh bait. They where very slow, but quiet big. Than we went to St Leonards for KGW. Very very slow, so i decided to move at Western Channel and see if there is any snapper passing by or a gummy. No much happening so i started to film my gummy setup. As i was making the leader one of the rods took of. I was hopping for a gummy but i was fighting a seven gill shark. I managed to bring it to the boat, and the circle hook was on the side of the jaw so i was able to take it out with out cutting. I use again the Reed’y Reedz Octopus circle and they work quiet impressive. Best part was i got great footage the shark on the GoPro under water. By 5pm we moved back to St Leonards and managed about a dozen withing. The fish was closer in, squid strips where most successful this time. I had few different setups as well, but patternoster was the best, and all of them on the bottom hook. I will upload the shark video littlebit later. Cheers Happy Fisherman

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