2019 Sep 27th – Question

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2019 Sep 27th - Question

I just received this message on the happy fishermans contact form but the email address did not work so i can not contact back:

Hi there,
Came to St Leonard’s for the weekend to fish from north of Victoria. Going out tomorrow morning… We are rookie fisherman, just recently started. Any hot tips for the morning?



If you never been to St Leonards, the pic should show you where we chase whiting. Between the green stick and White Lady.
  1. If you getting constantly cleaned out, that’s Leather Jackets. Try to find a a “sand hole” around your boat, if still loosing bait move. Even if is 20m.
  2. Mix pippies and squid 1inch long skinny squid strips. With squid strip the hook only goes once at the very top and let the rest hang.
  3. If you not sure about the set up for whiting i suggest you get the Black Magic red worm patternoster whiting snatcher rig.
  4. If you are and you make your own make sure you use quality hooks. I normally use blackmagic KL hooks but since i tried Reedy’s Rigz hooks, i think i got hooked.Running sinker rig works really good with a leader about 50cm. Remember whiting are bottom feeders.
Hope this quick explanation helps. BTW, i did mention Reedy’s Rigz Hooks. I can easy compare his hooks to Gamakatsu and better. The 5.0 and 6.0 circle hook is a “MUST”for the snapper season. I believe the guy is local and we all should be proud of that. I’m setting up a video on the rigs and knots for PPB snapper and i will share it very soon! If you need more info there is a number on my web so feel free to call. If i can help, it makes my day!
Cheers, happy fisherman

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