2019 October 28 – with a friend from New Zealand

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2019 October 28 - with a friend from New Zealand

This morning -28th oct – I had a close friend from New Zealand who was hoping to go fishing while in Melbourne. It was not hard for me to make a decision, f… work – lets go fishing. So 6am we left Altona and had to P2. We where there for an hour. Seen fish on the sounder but nothing – just feeding flatty’s. So, next move was scanning the BlackRock. I end up in 7m of water few hundred meters from the green stick. We burleyed and started catching lots and lots of Yakka’s. Exactly 8.41am – bang – he brings in 6kg snapper. It was a Reedy’s Ultra Rig -pink – under the boat. with a pilchard tail that did the damage. I have the video which will show this happy fisherman smile priceless. In New Zealand, where we are going in February to chase kingies, 6+kg snapper is a trophy, and, this was his personal best. Next, snotty travelly – warehou start coming thru – i got this on the underwater video which i will post later. They are nice fish, but, DO NOT FREEZE THEM, eat them fresh. About 10.30am, i managed a 2kg red on the fresh Yakka cube. After that, it was all under size pinky’s. By 12 am we where at the Ramp cleaning the fish. There are lots of reds around, and if they pass by, you may get 1 or 10 in that time, and then they go. It is the matter of spending time on the water at the moment, and hope. I know few people that are asking me what are they doing wrong. Nothing, if they switch on, you are on. Hope the photos give an idea where we where fishing, and I will follow with the video that has the two fish landed, but most important, underwater video which shows so much yakka, KGW, pinky’s and warehou. Cheers

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