2019 November 22nd – Portarlington

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2019 November 22nd - Portarlington

Friday 22nd November – we waited for Jerry to finish work so we managed to leave Werribee at 4.20pm. It was South Easterly and a bit choppy so we decided to go to the Wedge and chase some KGW. Few boats around there, even Magnet charter, but we did not have a bite. Zero. Around 6pm i decided to take the boys to Portarlington mark, as it is a bit sheltered from south east wind. We got there, it already was calmer, and we got on some pinky’s. We kept couple around 35cm and start realizing lots of 30cm ones. Then around 7.45pm i got first over 40cm on a half a squid head -snell hooks. 8.08pm my 2 rods buckle (some funny but nice video footage to follow from my static camera). We landed 2 nice pigeon pair reds. As the sun touch the horizon, another double hook up. This time little bit smaller but also nice snapper. The, when it got dark one more. The first 2 big ones went on snell hooks with one having the Yakka fillet, and the other one the left over frame with the tail and the bones piece. With out the head. The second pair one was on the half squid head, other on two squid rings, also snell. The one in the dark took the paternoster rig right under the boat that had cubes of yakka on it. The rods that had pilchard on it where not successful as the little pinky’s clean them up in a second. By 9pm – no bite at all!

I uploaded a photo so you can see the location in reference to Portarington.

10.15pm we where at the ramp cleaning the fish. Today is a rest day and catching up with some work, but tomorrow back on the water! I’ll have the video uploaded later.

Cheers, Happy Fisherman


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