2019 November 20th – Fishing Mud Island

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2019 November 20th - Fishing Mud Island

November 20th was “nomad” action. Just go and see where you gonna end up. So from Werribee ramp, around 1pm i went straight a head. I believe towards Dromana but i have no idea. I got all the way to the main channel, and i only had one arch showing in my path. Everything was blank! So, i went to my mark at Mud Island, already missed the tide change, and all we got is a Gurnard, few calamari, and arrow squid in mid water. Banjos and others no worth to mention. Around 5pm, on the way to St Leonards. Managed few nice whiting, but it was hard work with the amount of Yakka’s, Tommy Ruff and Leather Jackets. Last night when i got home and watched the under water footage, i just can not believe how much Yakka’s are around. I feel like i’ve been followed by them. By 7pm we where already at Portarlington11m mark, and pinky’s again fired up around 8pm, by 9pm “Sea Lice” everywhere. We managed few nice pinky’s and few more KGW here, but the last red went 46cm, and it was fun on KGW rod with very small hooks. By 10pm i was cleaning the fish at Werribee ramp. Ill have a video of the day later.

About Werribee ramp -there is an app “Snap Send Solve”. I used it few weeks back to send the Wyndham council photo of the light above the cleaning table not working. It was out for 2years, and after i send the request, i got the confirmation, and 3 days later that light was back working. So, if any other issues around the ramps, use the app, and the council will fix it! (i hope)

Cheers, Happy fisherman

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