2019 November 16 – fishing Portarlington

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2019 November 16 - fishing Portarlington

Saturday i tried to avoid Altona so we end up picking Caz and Ross from Portalington pier and by 11am we where fishing the 11m mark at Portarlington. It was very slow, but Ross managed a nice leather jacket, few whitings – only one keeper – and a silver whiting. Lots of pinky’s no keepers. After the tide change we took of to try for squid around Prince George ground. It was slow again. At this time we moved half way between Prince George and the Portarlington in 5m of water. Yakka’s galore. Ross and Caz had lots of fun catching them. As per picture, at one stage Caz had to take a break but Ross was very hooked on. Around 6pm we dropped them of back to Portarlington pier and i decided to make another stop at 11m mark. This time it was different story. Pinky’s went crazy. All decent size. We kept 4 and put back heaps that where over 30cm. Then it started to be a bit choppy so as it got dark i started to pack up, and that’s when i got the 2.5kg fish. It took a while to bring it in as we where fishing light gear, but i managed to landed. This time most of the fish where on snell hooks, and best bait was squid. Pilchard, as usual, does not stay long enough in the water, it gets smashed by small pinky’s in a second. I fish a lot with Gamakatsu 6.0 circle, but this time i had to down size so i used 3.0 and 4.0 Reedy’s Circle hooks, and they where a “gun”. This size is enough to expose the hook a littlebit, and the hooks are very strong, so they will definitely land a big fish with no problems.

Plenty of video footage, including Yakka mayhem under water. I will try to edit later and i will post it.

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