2019 Nov 30 – Fishing Portarlington arvo

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2019 Nov 30 - Fishing Portarlington arvo

Yesterday – Saturday November 30th – around 6pm we launched from Werribee straight to Portarlington 11m mark. Little bit bumpy, but by 7pm we where on the mark. Few boats around, and i started setting up and filming my rigs and set up for the people that asked me for it. I filmed the snell hooks and how i rig my pilchard, cast and picked up the second rod to set up. 10 seconds later reel is screaming and Mima was already on a nice snapper. As she got it closer to the boat, the freaking seal grabbed it by the tail. Now that is the happy moment when i do use some swearing . The rod is light, the line is 15lb braid, the leader 30lb and 2 small circle 2.0 outlaw hooks. Now, that’s why i used the F@#$ word! It was 5 minutes in the battle, i had camera in one hand, net in the other so i quickly come to a conclusion – bang with the net on top of the water. Bingo, seal lets it go and we land the fish! All on the video that i will post later. From here, the usual. Mima was landing small pinky’s every 2 minutes, and as the sun touched the horizon, we got some nice size pinky’s. As dark approached, Mima lands a nice KGW and a silver whiting. By 9pm – sea lice. We started packing and on the sounder we saw plenty small fish. This time it was not a slimy mac, it was garfish everywhere. By 9.40pm we where at the ramp.

Definetly – this spot is better late at night then early morning. I filmed and i will publish the setup, the catch and the spot including the edge of the old channel which i mentioned few times. Hopefully that will answer lots of questions that i get, and everyone hooks a lot of fish.

Saying that, the wedge was packed yesterday and people where smashing KGW and squid. There was over 60 boats there.

Cheers, happy fisherman

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