2019 Nov 29 – fishing Portarlington with Tass

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2019 Nov 29 - fishing Portarlington with Tass Nidis

Friday 29th November as mentioned i did give a morning shot at Portarlington. My friend Tass was brave enough to meet me at the ramp 4.30 in the morning. We got to my 11m mark and it was still dark. Tass never got to fight a snapper before so he was very excited. As the daylight approached, we managed few nice pinky’s up to 1.5kg but no big snapper at all. I did try every trick in the bag, but it was hard to bypass those little pinkiy’s. As the tide changed we took of to Prince George to get some squid. Tass managed to get his very first squid and he was excited, but, the smile on his face was priceless. The solid black and saphire jigs performed best, even , it was a hard job to get squid. We managed half a dozen and then we took of back to Portarlington 11m mark to try for snapper again before the next tide change. No luck on the snapper but plenty of slimy mackerel. It was fun getting them on light gear. Paternoster or sabiki rig with a smal pilchard strip did the trick. The pinky’s in the morning we got on silver whiting and squid. With pilchard it was hard to fish as the small fish would take it in seconds. Double hook snell rigs did the trick in this situation.

To all the people that contact me and ask questions about my rigs and setup – i’ll try to film it on my next trip and show what i do. Cheers Happy Fisherman

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